Bench makeover with blue paint

Isn’t this bench gorgeous? Would you believe that the bench + paint + a new paintbrush were less than $20?! Yes, I’m serious. So here’s the story of how the bench came to be.

Andy has a new hobby – checking out the “free” section of craigslist on the weekend. I think he’s hoping to find someone giving away a fancy gas grill. Instead, he found an awesome piece of furniture for me.

Craigslist Bench in the car
On Saturday morning he casually mentioned that there was a cool bench for free about 10 minutes away from us. Then he showed me a picture and I was on-board with contacting the people. They said to just swing by & pick it up, so before lunch we were loading this cute little bench into the back of our hatchback! You can see in the picture above that the arm was damaged – but it was nothing a little wood glue couldn’t fix.

Penelope hopped onto the bench almost as soon as we dragged it into the living room. Poodle approved!

I contemplated sanding and staining the bench (it definitely needed some TLC) but then decided to paint it a bright color instead. The bench was free after all, so why not have a little fun!

On a whim, we stopped by Home Depot and I headed to the paint section. I pulled a stack of blue/green colors and a few brighter blues and teals. Then I stood back and just stared at the color wall and picked the color card that I loved the most. Resisting my risk-averse nature & knowing that I’d be making DIY chalk paint which lightens up the paint color a tad, I picked the second color down on the card called “Harbor” (by Behr). When the guy opened up the sample size can to show me the color I knew I picked the perfect color!

I sanded the whole bench & mixed up a batch of DIY chalk paint. I got decent coverage on the first coat & I’ve learned not to stress about brush marks and spotty coverage before the second coat. I did a second coat as soon as the first was dry & then I lightly sanded before adding a third coat. {I like my chalk paint on the thinner side, and I don’t mind doing three thin and even coats to get good coverage.} On Sunday I did two layers of wipe-on poly (with light sanding between the coats) on the whole bench and a third layer on the seat.

Craigslist Bench - Sideview

I love the color! It modernizes the bench & draws your focus to the gorgeous flat spindles in the back. It’s the perfect entryway bench, now we just need a bigger entryway…

Craigslist Bench in Harbor Blue

Have you had any luck with Craiglist’s free items?
Craigslist Bench with Grey Dot Pillow

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