Revamped country chic sofa table

Our family room is literally CONSTANTLY in motion. The boys are literally constantly moving, and the furniture is constantly being rearranged.

That’s mainly because I’m always wanting to try something new. New layout. A new style of furniture. New paint technique.

I think of it more as a hobby than a state of dissatisfaction.

With that, I’ve been wanting to add a sofa table to our space for a while.

Then, I found this crazy cheap french leg beauty on Craigslist and knew it would fit perfectly!

You can see that huge water stain on the top, so I sanded the entire top down to the bare wood and used a quick coat of Early American stain for a refreshed tabletop.

I only left it on for a quick second (like literally as long as it took me to do one coat on, I was wiping it off). I wanted a warm, but too dark, look.

Then, two coats of Country Chic Paint in Simplicity (always a sucker for crisp white), and focused on the wet distressing technique Country Chic recommends.

This technique is so easy, and gives such great “chippy” results. Wet rag, rub in places that would normally be distressed, and voila – great distressed look.

It’s sealed with the natural wax by CCP and I let it cure for 24 hours.

It’s just the perfect little addition to our family room – I love it.

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