Coffee table makeover with metal tabel top

A few weeks ago I stopped at a community church garage sale and picked up two items.

One was a metal full-size headboard and the other was a common light brown colored coffee table with two glass inserts for the top. At first, I didn’t think they had the glass, but as I was taking them to my car they gave them to me!!

The legs were off and they didn’t have the bolts for them but no worries since we have an endless supply of leftover parts and pieces.

The headboard will be used for a future project ( I have been dying to make a bench with it as the back).

The cross pieces were just screwed in so I removed them in order to create a new center to the table. I knew Mike had some wavy metal that would be perfect.

So while I repainted the wood, Mike cut the metal to size.

Then it was time to assemble the table. We screwed the metal piece to the bottom of the table by removing the small wood pieces that were already there.

We found bolts for the legs that came off dining chairs that we are just using for parts.

I did the paint a white with green overlay then distressed by sanding.

And this is the table finished without the glass on top.

I’m so glad that they had the glass for the top.

Once the glass is placed on top you have a flat top again but you also get a clear view of all the rusty metal.

I didn’t have a good spot inside to take pictures so I just moved it around outside.

The shadow in the back round was one of Mike’s giant metal spiders that was hanging on a fence behind me.

I know your not suppose to have shadows and such in pictures, but I didn’t realize it was there until I was looking through the pictures while editing. I think it looks kinda cool anyways, like it’s crawling on the table.

This picture is a little dark, but I like it for some reason.

And a view from the top.

The dark brown tray was a Goodwill find for $2 and is in the process of a new paint job too!

Close up of the legs and sides.

This was the perfect project to show how wood and metal can come together to create a beautiful new table from an ordinary plain brown one.

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