Coffee table made from shipping pallet

Well, remember when I found the Perfect Pallet for a coffee table. I finally took the time to finish the project. With some sanding, staining and a few metal accents created by Mike it was completed in no time.

This was the pallet as we found it- straight from the shipping and receiving department at Mike’s work.

It was already the perfect size for a coffee table. All that was needed was legs. Since I always try to incorporate metal into my projects when I can, having metal legs for this table was the obvious choice.

It just so happens that Mike just bought a new chop saw and wanted to start using it. Of course he had material around – 2 x 2 inch square stock – so he just measured the height to 16″ for the legs and made four.

Mike also welded a metal plate to the legs in order to attach them to the pallet with screws. He then welded on a large washer to fill in the space on the bottom of the legs.

The metal legs were rusty but we decided to leave them that way versus painting them. Mike also added a few scrolls to the sides to give it some bling and then it was my turn to sand and stain. I stained it with a dark walnut and then applied polyurethane. It is dark in color but that’s how I wanted it.

The pallet also had a shelf already built into each side. The metal legs and dark wood blended together well and the slightly lighter scrolls give it some distinction.

The table top came out great. I loved the way the wood grain came thru. It also has a clear, semi- gloss finish.

This was an easy project because the pallet didn’t need any work to it. Nothing to take apart like usual. Needless to say I’m on the lookout for more of these.

Thanks for stopping by and following my new adventures in DIY. Have a great week!!

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