DIY chippy veneer dresser

Mr. OMT has been working on this Chippy Veneer Dresser for a while now. We were lucky enough to be given this beautiful piece by a friend of ours.  It had a lot of damage to it and was very chippy. The veneer was peeling off and had some water damage.  Instead of painting it or removing the veneer,  we decided to keep as much of it’s an original state as much as possible leaving it with a chippy look.  Which I think gives it a lot of character.

Mr. OMT started out completely redoing all the drawers and reinforced them.

He then sanded the whole piece inside and out with his palm sander with an 80 grit sandpaper.

After blending the veneer into the wood beneath  and then once it was smooth he then went over it again with a 120 grit sand paper making it even smoother, so much that you would never know the drawers were even covered in veneer in the first place.
He then applied a coat of polyurethane, after it was dry he lightly sanded it and applied another coat of Polyurethane (this step were done 3 times.)

I just love the curves on this piece.

What a dresser. This incredible 7 drawer dresser is awesome. I love the look of the thick wood. You don’t see many dressers like this any longer.

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  1. No, paint would have been a different option, not “better” or “worse”. I could see this piece of furniture being a great compliment for certain rooms and maybe a “pass” for others. It depends on the final area of placement.

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