DIY transform table into a bar cart

I’m so excited to share this makeover project today! I love the way it turned out and it was a really simple project.

As you can see it started out as a baby changing table that Mike found by the curb. A little paint update and some added scrolls and wheels make it a totally different piece of furniture! I first started by taking it apart since I wanted the shelf color to be different from the frame.

I used KRYLON Color Master spray paint in Satin Almond for the frame. It did take 2 cans to get the coverage I wanted, but I tend to paint heavy especially with spray paint. This paint worked very well and I love the color.

For the shelves I rolled on black latex paint. No picture of this step, but while all this was drying I spotted a wooden wine rack that we found by the curb also. It had a frame around it so I just took the frame off and it fit perfectly in the middle shelf with just a little trimming. I used the same Almond color for the wine rack.

Then it was just re-assembling the table into the new bar cart.

The wine rack fit perfectly and we just added a few small nails with the staple gun to give it more support.

We decided to remove the top two bars so that area would be open and look less like the changing table.

Then Mike added a few scrolls to the sides and created a handle using one of the bars we removed cut to size.

The other end was to plain so he added another scroll to create a towel rack.

Lastly wheels were added so it can be easily moved from space to space.

A coat of wax to protect the finish and we were ready for cocktails!!

Yes all my wine bottles are empty… again. I just can’t keep full ones around the house for some reason.

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