Repurposed side table as kids table with chalkboard and magnet

It’s finally Friday after a long full week back to work. I liked getting an extra day off for the holidays. My first completed project of the year is a side table re-do into a chalk and magnet table for the kids.

This started as a common end table, brown and not very pretty. That’s probably why it was at the curb on garbage day… so of course, we picked it up. I forgot to take a picture before the legs were removed but this was before I rough sanded all over.

The top had a natural dividing line all the way around and there was a drawer in the front. It was a sturdy table so not much was needed, just a paint update.

I thought it would be fun to turn it into a child’s table with chalk and magnet paint.

I’ve never tried magnet paint before, but after a little research I thought I would give it a try. I just wanted to do the table partially with the magnet application so a lot of areas were taped.

The middle area I did with chalkboard paint and the sides of the table I did in the magnet paint. You do have to apply several coats of the magnet paint and stir the paint often but it did work. It is a black color primer and then you can paint a color over it.

I painted the magnet areas in white and added red to the trim areas. For the drawer in front I chose chalkboard paint. This photo is a little hard to see and I will be working on staging soon for better pictures, but you can see the trim and different paints.

For the legs I painted black first then white over the black and sanded to give a scruffy, worn look. It turned out to be a colorful black, white and red table.

The sides of the table are magnetized where the flowers are. I bought them at Dollar Tree. I wanted the letter magnets but they didn’t have them so flowers it is.

The drawer is perfect for stuff !! Including chalk, magnets, crayons and whatever else is needed. The pull that was there already was painted red.

This table is perfect for little tots to have fun on. They can reach the top easily and be creative with chalk and different magnets.

Magnets on the side of the table and scuffed legs.

Just a few other views:

This is the first of many furniture re-do’s I am planning for this year. I can’t wait to start using chalk and milk paint on bigger projects also.

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