Chalk Paint French Desk

This is not how the Desk looked when we first got it several years back. It was in TERRIBLE condition when we received this Desk for FREE!!!! Yes, FREE!!!!

So I was not to picky about the condition. We had an exchange student from Taiwan just arrive and she would be staying with us for the School Year of 2003. Her bedroom was left only with a Bed, Dresser and Night Stand. We wanted her to feel at home so left her a blank slate to decorate as she so desired. Well, wouldn’t you know it…?

This young girl was a girl after my own heart… She LOVED all things Vintage.  Her favorite color was Red. So we painted her walls a soft creamy taupe and filled it with Red accents, so when a neighbor asked if I was interested in this desk I SERIOUSLY asked, “Are you Kidding, I would LOVE it”.

It took us TWO weeks to strip it and sand it down to the original wood. At that time I had always wanted to work with GLAZE, so figured this was a good time to do just that. So I did Layer upon Layer of Glaze until I achieved the look you see. I then accented the Trim with RED!! For our Sweet Little… Miss Taiwan!!

She LOVED it and enjoyed writing her letters and doing her homework on it.

When I got the desk it only came with 3 pieces of the original hardware. I still have yet to find the other 4 that I need.
We hauled this desk to this house when we moved here. Never using it in this house, leaving it only to have a lonely life in our Garage… But the moment I started on my new Sewing Room, I knew that this would be the perfect piece to finish the room off with. The only thing was, could I do it. I LITERALLY sat and stared at this desk for a Good 10 minutes. It held such wonderful and fond memories. All the hard work that Little Miss Taiwan and I put into it.

So holding my Breathe I dipped my paintbrush into my Annie Sloan Paint and took a Swipe at the desk with eyes closed. I was doing it… But only with half of my heart. What am I doing I thought… I almost stopped and thought I could still salvage it and keep it as is… But then REASON set in.. It has been sitting in the garage for years and it’s ready for a Fresh and Brand New beginning… So I kept painting and didn’t look back and actually, the more I began to cover it the Happier I became about my decision.  Because of my Deep emotional state… LOL!!! I forgot to get pictures of the progression. Probably because I was almost on the brink of tears when I started out.

On the main body of the Desk I used Annie Sloan’s, Old White and on the Trim I used Versailles


Some of you may remember that this was my FIRST time EVER using ASCP

So I do not consider myself an Expert by any stretch of the imagination.

So any or all of you Annie Sloan experts, will probably CRINGE when you see what I ended up doing… But then again maybe it has already been done and I just think I am working outside the Annie Sloan Box.

On the Desk I wanted a nice CREAMY tone to it. So I decided to make a Mix.  Using a Baby spoon/fork I took a heaping spoon full of the Clear Wax and plopped that into a bowl.

And using just a SMALL amount of the dark wax

I blended the two together. The dark wax really goes along way.

I made sure that all the Dark Wax was mixed in well.

Using a Sponge I dipped it into my wax… I know I am probably breaking all the RULES here.

Only grabbing very little of the Wax.

I began applying it to the desk, working in small sections and using circular motions.

Though I probably BROKE all the Rules. I am so VERY happy with the way it turned out. I wanted a nice CREAMY texture and feel to the desk and I think, I got just that!!!

Her hardware wasn’t put on yet!!!

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