Chair with Woven Seat

“Mom, is that chair going to the dump?”
“What chair, Brynn?”

The sun was shining in my eyes, I was barely awake, trying to rush the girls to school… I had no idea what she was talking about.

“That one, Mom. Right there, by the garbage can!”
“Oh, that one? Yep, looks like trash.”

“Mom, Nate (as in Berkus) would save it! He’d fix it and make it beautiful again. Will you please pick it up on your way home?”

And so I did. Because I’m a sucker for indulging my kids’ passions, and one of Brynn’s passions is Nate Berkus. Or, at least Nate’s decorating style and his charisma. She desperately wants to go see his show in New York, but unfortunately, his website clearly states it’s 18 and up only.

So I walked home with Libbie’s leash in one hand and this dirty, rickity, dog-chewed chair in the other. Yep, I’m sure the neighbors think I’m nuts.

The chair sat in the garage for a while before Brynn and I were able to get our hands on some free syringes (thank you, Walgreen’s pharmacist!) to shoot wood glue into the joints. Once it was stable, Brynn sanded off most of the old finish and I sanded off the parts she missed. And the dog chew-marks.

Then one day after school I took on the chair as my own. I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t help it. I had fallen in love with it, too. I asked Brynn’s permission to work on it, told her my plan, got the plan approved, and went to work. While she watched… of course… Nate.

I sprayed the chair with Krylon “Celery” high gloss paint, sanded the edges to let the old white paint and bare oak show through, stained the bare wood to bring out some warm honey tones and then I coated the whole thing with Krylon clear coat.

Callie and Scott worked on weaving the new seat until they ran out of webbing. Brynn and I finished it up a few days ago, making the chair a whole family affair!

And I think the chair is beautiful.

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