Cane chair makeover

I found this set of icky chairs at a garage sale last month for $40, they were really insanely ugly, the color, the fabric…yuck! But we all know, it doesn’t take much to transform it from trash to treasure! Even the city of Sydney thought so and featured them in their ‘Upcycle’ Brochure.

You will need:

– Staple Gun

– Screwdriver

– Fabric (IKEA ‘Barnslig’)

– Latex Primer

– Indoor/Outdoor Latex paint

Upholster the seat cushion:

1. Unscrew the cushion.

2. Cut the fabric around the cushion (add about 2 inches). I used 2 fabrics, the white fabric blocks the old pattern, that kind of showed through the striped fabric.

3. Staple fabric to the bottom of your cushion. *Always start to staple on one side and then staple the opposite side, to make sure, you won’t have rinkles.*

Paint the chair:

1. The chair had this dark green color, so I decided to prime it first.

2. 2 layers of white paint.

3. Let dry for a couple of hours.

If you don’t like the cane in the back, here is a great tutorial on how to upholster on top of the cane.

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