DIY transform cable spool into a table

It has been a few weeks since my last post but we have been busy. I traveled out of town last weekend and we also had company for a week. Sometimes a little thing called LIFE takes priority and projects get put on the back burner.

I have been working on turning a cable spool that Mike brought home into a table. They are always the perfect size a pretty well made, so not much construction needs to be done.

The only thing it needed was a tabletop. I simply applied scrap boards to the top with wood adhesive. Leaving a little for overhang to trim around later.

View of the table turned over.

I used a jig-saw to trim around the table. This was my first time using one so some of the edges weren’t perfect. I then sanded and sanded and sanded some more until the edges were even and smooth.

We also had found an old barrel a few months ago in a dumpster. It was pretty rough and we thought we could repair it, but after trying to put it together it fell apart and was actually burned on the inside.

But it did have metal straps that we could use on the spool to add around the edges.
I also saved a few of the barrel boards to be used on something in the future.

So Mike cut the metal and punched holes all around it so we would be able to screw it to the spool. He did have to add a piece in the middle because the straps didn’t fit around all in one piece.

For the finish on the spool, I did a stain first of Minwax Chestnut and after that dried, I applied Rustoleum paint in gloss white. After the paint dried I sanded with 100 grit paper over the entire tabletop and bottom.

The middle area was burned with a torch then the same stain applied.

The edges were still a little rough and uneven so I simply hot glued on rope all around. It gave it a finished look and filled in spaces that were uneven on the top from my uneven cuts with the jig-saw.

This is a pretty heavy table so we applied wheels so it could easily be moved around.

Once all the elements of wood, metal and rope came together they created a pretty sweet rolling round table.

Just a few more pictures:

These were sand dollars that we found last summer and the roses are ones that I dried and saved from Valentine’s Day. This was a fun project and I got to use a new tool – The Jig-Saw. Hopefully, I can use it again soon to improve my skills. And it was fun to create something together.

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