Buffet makeover

I’ve finally done a project I am 100% pleased with. The family is not all in agreement but it doesn’t change my mind one teeny tiny bit.

It’s like when you find some gilded antlers at the store that you just LOVE and the friend you’re shopping with thinks you’ve lost your mind but you don’t care because you just know. Deep inside.
That’s how I feel about my buffet makeover. Gilded antlers.

I was REALLY scared to do anything to this buffet which I have loved like a child for 8 long years, but it looked so bad on my new white wall.

I found the most helpful post on Altar’d Designs, which compared Annie Sloan chalk paint colors to colors offered by Behr and Sherwin Williams. This was the one comparable to A.S.’s French Linen – Behr’s Ashwood.

Wow, what a great color – I’ve bloomed the above picture but look at the one below. It’s this perfect neutrally grey/brown.

The oars knocked me on the head twice and slammed on my fingers once. I’d have made them pay for that but they’re so darn cute. They were really hard to hang but I finally thought to tie the rope around and loop it around the nail on the wall.

They’re not exactly super glued…..alls I’m saying is there should be no slamming of doors anywhere nearby…

Gosh. I’ve been blogging for about a month now and this is the first project I’ve done that I have no reservations about. That’s really quite lame of me! Lol. Just a moment as I laugh at myself.

So out of about 15 projects, one was perfect. That’s a percentage of… I don’t know I’m not Einstein, but it’s a low percentage. Another moment of laughing. I crack me up.

Ok, there’s one little thing I will change about my arrangement on top. The fan sits a bit too low. I think I’ll put it on a log slice like the one here.

Probably there are stores which charge mucho dollars for a log slice, but I will not pay for such a thing.

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