Ikea hack: Ikea barstools makeover

Good morning everyone, I hope you enjoyed your weekend, we did, it was a busy one for us; from working on our yard to attending one of my best friend’s baby shower, to celebrating Greek Easter with hubby’s family. Here in Montreal, it feels as if summer has already arrived, I’ve been sporting flip-flops and high heel sandals all weekend making sure to enjoy every second of these beautiful sunny days. 

As promised, please let me share with you one of the projects I’ve tackled during these last few weeks: my two black Dalfred IKEA barstools got a makeover. We have all seen many stool transformations all over Pinterest and the blogosphere and today I wanted to share mine with you.

We’ve had these two IKEA barstools since the first week we moved into our house, they used to look good in our all-white kitchen but after our main floor renovation, they didn’t match our kitchen style anymore. The barstools looked old, they had craft paint on them from my previous DIY projects and I just didn’t like them anymore.

And of course, knowing me, I had to do something about it. I decided to paint them and give them a new purpose in our house.

I cleaned them up as they had accumulated dust behind our living room sofa. Sanding them was necessary before applying the paint. For this project, I used Krylon’s Dual Paint + Primer sun yellow gloss indoor-outdoor paint. For furniture, I prefer applying a primer before painting it but I wanted to give this primer and paint in one a try and see if it could do its job. It did but to achieve a complete and smooth finish I had to use 4 cans of spray paint. So, I think next time I will use a primer before painting furniture.
Dalfred IKEA bar stools in black
As mentioned on my previous post, this was my first spray paint project of the year and I was a little rusty. First, I didn’t realize that the spray nozzle had fallen off in the cap, so when I did my first coat it left a large glop of paint on my fingers. Next, I neglected to follow the pattern of a quick motion to avoid drip marks on the stool. After a few sprays, it came back to me. I can’t believe I had forgotten how to spray paint. So what was my spray painting method? I started by spray painting outside of the stools and lightly sprayed in a smooth continuous sweeping motion from left to right to create a smooth coverage with no drip marks. Hubby helped me with the rest of the spray paint because that’s when our little boy decided it was time for him to take a nap and I had no choice but to go inside with him.
spray painting and sanding IKEA bar stools
I recommend, leaving these to dry for 24 hours in a dry area where there isn’t much sun or heat. If you have a garage I recommend you working on these type of projects there. I worked in my balcony and yard because our garage is full right now. Before applying a second coat, I lightly sanded them to remove the extra paint and the drips of paint left on the legs of the stools.

I applied a second coat of paint the next day and a third coat of paint last Thursday to make sure I didn’t miss any spots and let them dry for another 24 hours outside. See that old slide behind, it’s not ours; it was our neighbor’s, they gave it to us last summer, we never used it, hubby left it outside the entire winter and now it’s rusted. Planning on getting rid of it this coming Saturday.

distressing with sandpaper IKEA bar stools

Next morning, I brought them back to our kitchen to see how they fit with our new style. I loved the look; they brighten up space. After I had applied the third coat of paint, they looked almost perfect but they weren’t so I decided to try the “distress” look. Please, let me show you how:
distressing IKEA bar stools
I decided to sand the edges of the seat and of the legs to lightly distress them, I used two types of sandpaper: 150 (from Gator finishing products) to remove the paint and give it a distressed look and then 400 to create a smooth surface.

It took me two days to achieve the look I was going for because I wasn’t sure how much sanding it needed. I love how they look, lightly distressing the edges was a great idea.

This is how they look in our eat-in-kitchen. I love yellow but not everyone is a fan.  Yellow is a happy color, when spring arrives I’ve always liked adding yellow accessories to my decor. Last summer, I bought 4 beautiful yellow pillows for our living room sofa, they added a pop of color.
yellow IKEA bar stools

DIY project yellow-painted IKEA bar stools
This is a close-up picture, unfortunately, when I took these pictures there was too much light coming from the big window, so you are not able to see how the legs look after I distressed them with the sandpaper:

distressing furniture IKEA bar stools
I love how these barstools turned out, they look great against the dark floors. I put 2 coats of oil-based polyurethane to make sure they were well protected. The weather was so beautiful this weekend, we spent most of our days outdoors, that’s when I had this great idea; to use them outside. First, we used them in our balcony as a side table to hold drinks:
yellow painted IKEA bar stoolsJPG
Then, I placed them in our yard and used them as plant holder stands:
planter stands IKEA bar stools
I love how I can place these in any space of our house and they look great. For now, I have decided to keep them in our yard and continue using them as plant holder stands for these beautiful flowers my parents got for us this weekend:
DIY plant holder stands IKEA bar stools
Now, I need to go to the hardware store and get us new plant holders for these flowers and more lawn fertilizer. So many more projects left to tackle in our yard but I will write about them in another post. You might have noticed our tiny yard but that’s what you get when you live in a skinny townhouse in the city of Montreal:
yard plant holder stands spring-IKEA bar stools
I love spring and hope this beautiful weather will last!

Are you working on new projects?

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