Bedside tables revamped for kids room

How is it going? We are getting ready to move to the city, and while packing, I found our old bedside tables…not very chic anymore;-) Since the kids did not have any, I decided to convert them into fun kids bedside tables. (let your kids help, they are going to love it!)

You will need:

  • Primer & Multipurpose paint.
  • Chalk adhesive or chalk paint.
  • Krylon Matt Finish.
  • Faux grass tiles.
  • Old bedside table.
  • Hammer and tiny nails.

I purchased the chalk adhesive and grass tile at the dollar store.

1. Prime and paint your tables.

2. Let dry and cut your favorite shape out of the grass tile and chalk adhesive.

3. Glue small faux grass pieces to the knob of the ‘grass table’ and secure with little nails.

Voila! Easy and inexpensive. Since I already had everything but the grass tile and chalk adhesive, the whole project cost me sweet $2 and took about half a day (we are moving, and I really shouldn’t be doing this, I should be packing !).

DIY transformation of two bedside tables so they match in a kids room.

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