Refurbished dining room chair

How fun is this painted chair!? I am obsessed with rustic colors and this painted chair is no exception. Do you have a chair or piece of furniture you want to revamp… well get it out and get ready to go as I walk you through this super easy tutorial! You can change the colors for a more shabby chic furniture piece and although I love me some chic furniture, these fun paint colors are calling for someone’s front porch or dining room table!

So how did I do it you ask? I used chalk paint, OF COURSE! I don’t think there is an easier way to paint furniture than with chalk paint. It requires little to no sanding or prep…and anything that saves my arms from the sanding blues gets an A+ in my book! This painting technique is the first time I have done it, so you get to see what I saw every step of the way. And each time I was done with a color I was so in LOVE with it that it was hard to keep going, but I just knew this chair was going to be special some way or another lol.

Here are the materials I used:

  • Dark Walnut Minwax stain
  • Aqua Pure Earth Chalk Paint
  • Red Pure Earth Chalk paint
  • Sand Paper 120 grit (just for a light sanding at the end of the project, or if you need to sand off gunk from the piece you are refurbing)

First, sand your piece just a bit if there is anything dirty on it that needs to be removed. The great thing about chalk paint is that it adheres to EVERYTHING so there is really no sanding needed at all. But this was a yard sale find and there was come grime on it that needed to be removed because it was spilled food or something on it…YUCK!

Then grab your chip brush and blue chalk paint and paint a thin layer on, you can even dilute it with distilled water to make it a little thinner. But don’t worry if its streaky, because that is the look you are going for! Another bonus about this chalk paint is that it drys very quickly!! AHHH I just love this stuff!! See how pretty it is! You could honestly stop here if you wanted a blue chair and it would be AMAZING by itself. I almost did but I had the finished project in mind so I just had to keep going to see how it would turn out.
chalk painted chair refurbish

After my blue dried I grabbed the chip brush and did a light very streaky second coat in the red chalk paint. This is a really fun coat because you can go crazy in spots, thin in others, and go in any direction you want and it will still turn out beautiful. OMG I am loving this!

How to paint a dining room chair with chalk paint

After the red dried I decided I wanted something more on it, some sort of stencil but it took me a few hrs to decide on what to stencil on it. I grabbed every stencil I had at my store and about gave up until I decided that I was going with a french word. It just seemed fitting with the colors and style of it. I picked Amour which means Love, well because I don’t know if you noticed or not but I have said I love this so many times already that it was the perfect fit for it.
How to stencil a dining room chair with chalk paint

There is the chalk paint and one of my chip brushes. I do not think I could go a day without using a chip brush in my store haha. Almost done… next, we are going to give it a stain when the red drys. I wanted the colors to be a bit deeper so I went with a dark walnut stain but I think ebony, which is black, would of been awesome too!

Grab a rag and wipe the stain on and rub it as much as you can. I worked in sections and wiped the stain off when I finished the section I was working on. You can stop once the stain drys or keep going and sand the edges and some random sections to pull the blue out and give it more of a rustic chipped paint look. Either way, it is super beautiful and fun. I am not even sure the photos do this chair justice, but I just want to put it on my porch and sit on it every day until the snow starts to fall and I can’t sit outside anymore without turning into a giant ice cute lol. At least my coffee would keep me warm, Right!?

How to paint a dining room chair

So here it is, the end results of my new lovely chair.Rustic painted kitchen Chair

I bet you can’t stop staring at it either wishing it was now on your porch! Thanks for stopping by and checking out this amazing chair tutorial.

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