Barnwood Media Tower

A couple of weeks ago, I got some old wood. It used to be a fence, but it had to be teared down due to its disrepair. I always get excited about stuff like this, because my mind starts running through all the fun rustic things I can build out of it! And as most fences are made of cedar in our neck of the woods, I don’t have to stress over chemicals or bugs.

Cedar is natural bug-repellant wood, and ages well in the elements. It gets this silvery tone over time. I love it.

We’ve been planning for ages to mount our tv on the brick fireplace, and needed something tall to hold our components. I built a simple frame out of scrap 1×2′s, and then we measured and cut and faced out the bookcase with the old fence wood.

It’s about 60 inches tall, and we had to place our power strip at the top because our tv component cords are so short. But that’s no problem, since I can sneakily tuck it away behind our anniversary art I made about a month back. Is that old wood not delicious? I love it! Totally fits our rustic theme we’ve got going on in our place.

Building something like this is so much easier than it looks. Once you have your basic frame built, all you have to do is choose where to start adding your wood. We started on the sides, measuring the height and width. Once those were on, we measured the top and nailed that down. Then we added in shelf supports made from the 1×2′s, and measured the width of that so we could nail the fence wood down into the support. Then we put on the back, leaving some gaps so we could slide in the cords. Once it was faced out, we measured for the trim pieces and tacked them on too. It took about 4 hours total to build, which is pretty good considering all the measurements we had to take!

I am so, so happy that we invested in an air compressor/nail gun combo. It makes building a breeze! And it’s so nice to not have to worry about splitting wood with screws, or countersinking so you can fill in the holes and somewhat hide them, but only if you’re painting. Nails are so much easier to camouflage. And on this bookcase, they pretty much disappear into all those weathered cracks.

I finally have a good place to display my wedding bouquet! I think it totally fits in here. We’re both really happy with how our component tower turned out. The best part about using old reclaimed fence boards? The free pricetag! The only cost on this sucker was a handful of 1×2′s (about $4) and some nails. I’d say we probably invested about five dollars worth of materials. Considering the cost of purchasing something this size would be around the $100 mark for pressed particle board (and around $400-$700 for a “barnwood” piece I found online) I’d say that $5 is quite a steal!

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