Baby changing table transformed into desk

A few weeks ago we picked up this incomplete baby changing table from a trash pile. It came wrapped in yellow packing tape so at the moment I grabbed it, I wasn’t exactly sure what it was. My guess was a cradle. Wrong. When I laid it out, I concluded it was most of a baby changing table.

From the view to the left, I tossed around a few ideas: a tree swing, a bench and a desk.

I went with the desk because I don’t have a good tree swing worthy branch and I don’t need another bench.
If you’ll notice, there are only 2 support beams, and two shelf pieces, therefore I couldn’t just reconstruct this as a baby changing table. I love challenges like this!

This is what it looked like glued together – needs reinforcing hardware

How to upcycle a baby changing table into a desk:
1. I used wood glue to assemble it since it didn’t come with the original screws. The wood glue worked great since it has a tongue and groove construction.

2. Since I needed an open front on one side for a desk chair, I used a jigsaw to convert the second shelf into an open storage unit.

3. I used small L-brackets to create the corner in the shelf and to attach the right, vertical piece to the underside of the desktop. These L-brackets were repurposed from a crib I also garbage picked (pretty handy!)

I attached the corner bracket on the outside and the top bracket on the inside of the cubbies.

This is what the changing table would have looked like in its glory.

Changing table repurposed into a desk

What do you have in your house that could be converted into something more useful or needed in your life?

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