Refurbished side table using rope and anchor design

This little project started with a table that was found- you guessed it – in a dumpster. I know I often write about dumpster finds but most of them come from Mike’s work. They are always throwing away props, set decorations, and unwanted furniture. Needless to say, we get a lot of the leftovers.

I didn’t have a true before picture but this is the table after we cut it down to side table height and I painted the legs pink. For the tabletop a cable spool top was added that was almost the exact same size.

I wanted this to be bright and colorful and have a design so I thought of an anchor and painted it on the top.

The holes in the cable spool top fit perfectly into the anchor design. Then the rope was added to finish the sides of the table and give the anchor some authenticity

The original green and pink paint were a little to bright so it was sanded down then stain applied.

I love staining over then wiping off before its dry to instantly age the wood.

Rope was weaved around the center of the legs where they come together.

By combining another dumpster find and a piece of a cable spool a fun, funky side table was born.
I have added leg caps since these photos were taken.

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