Student desk gussied up

I’m back with another makeover today! Remember on Monday I told you that I was trying to get my garage cleaned out in the month of February. Why oh why did I pick the shortest month of the year? I probably should change that to say “I will clean out my garage in 2016!”. That, I can handle. So this student desk was sitting in the garage right where I should be parking Roberta (our GMC Yukon XL–she’s family, so she needed a name).

This student desk started out at my friend Shelley’s house. It was her husband’s desk growing up and their son had had it for several years. But he’s about to graduate from high-school and is finished with it. She was going to send it to Goodwill but thought she would ask her hoarder-friend Holly first. She is so good to me.
A Gussied Up Student Desk I chose ASCP in Aubusson and did the stripes with a layer of ASCP Pure White and Paris Grey. Amy Howard Light wax was the finishing touch and then some light distressing. The original hardware now stands out and looks great in my opinion! It’s funny how painting a piece of furniture can completely change the feel of it. This went from dark and heavy looking to light and energetic. All because of a little paint and some elbow grease.
A Gussied Up Student Desk
A Gussied Up Student Desk I’m planning on selling this desk since we have nowhere to put it. But my boys are both a little upset with me about that. They never gave this desk a second look until it got all gussied up and started showing off. That is why I love painting furniture so much! It is fun to see how a piece can transform from ‘normal’ to ‘whoa Nellie!’.
A Gussied Up Student Desk
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