Living room dresser transformation

I picked up this dresser at an estate sale about 3, maybe 4, years ago when I first moved here, and if I remember correctly, I believe it cost a mere $30. It houses our photo albums, board games, and whatnot. It’s a great little storage piece and I’ve always loved its shape and its curves. I am a sucker for pretty legs (think Chippendale, Queen Anne, French Provincial)! But this dresser felt very heavy to me in its dark brown color. So, since we’re adding pale blue to our living room and it’s lightening up the mood, and since I’ve fallen in love with the color “Louie Blue” in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, I just had to do the deed.

Here she is today:

I fell in love with this piece of furniture on a whole new level. The detail was lost in all of the brown, and now it’s completely accentuated by the new paint.

I mean just look at the legs now:

It’s okay. You can whistle. Go ahead. They’re gorgeous!

And the beautiful shine that the wax adds is perfect!

The knobs are original and are now highlighted by the paint color.

I had originally thought about changing the knobs, but have decided to leave them alone. I want the dresser to remain as original as possible. I had thought about adding crystal knobs, but even though I want our living room to be elegant, I don’t want it to feel too stuffy. I want it to be sophisticated, but comfortable enough that people feel like they can take their shoes off, lie down on the pillows, and hang out. I don’t want people walking on eggshells in my house worried about touching things. Glass knobs would just make this piece feel too pretentious and that’s not what I’m going for. Now there’s certainly nothing wrong with a little hoity-toity once in a while, but not here.

I am really happy with the way it turned out and it was nice to work on a piece for us for a change.

I painted it in one coat of Louie Blue Chalk Paint. I don’t cover a piece completely in a solid, heavy coat of paint. I let the wood come through the streaks of my brush right from the very beginning. It looks more authentic, requires less paint and it also means less sanding later. I then sanded it in all the right places, slowly looking at it as I went to judge if I needed more or less sanding in each carefully placed location. Once I decided the sanding was done, I went over it with a generous coat of Minwax Paste Finishing Wax in Natural, then buffed it with a soft cloth.

One of these days, I promise I will do a step-by-step photo tutorial of a furniture transformation. I did this last night at 9 pm (yes, I’m crazy), and because I don’t have a very good camera (gee, can’t you tell?), step-by-step pictures in the dark would not have turned out well.

So there you have it! A couple of hours of hard work on a Monday night turned in to a Transformation Tuesday and I adore the transformation!

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