DIY dresser turned TV stand

Was there ever a more heinous piece of furniture.  And admit it, any of us over the age of 50 had one at one point or another!
And what the hell is that little trap door under the bed for? I could only guess, having lived through the ’70s! This post is not about renovating a 70’s waterbed. However, it IS about renovating a matching dresser!!!

Sorry for the blur. I think I was quivering and asking myself “what have I got myself into now?”

This guy actually had little apothecary drawers in all these nooks. Don’t worry I kept ’em!
And look, it’s already distressed! I don’t have to lift a finger!
 What craftsmanship!

I don’t really get their “distressing” back in the 70’s. Big chunks of the edges were all “shaved” off in a very orderly manner. Then some gouges that you could put a measuring tape to, they were so precise! What fun was that?

We needed a TV Console for our new TV and I just knew I could find something at my favorite thrift store. Husband and I went down on a Saturday afternoon… I saw this monstrosity and knew exactly what I could do with it. I screamed at my husband “Quick, go get someone to write this up for us!” and then I parked my ass right on top of it. One guy came by and murmured, “you gonna get that?”. Hell, yea – get away from it!  It was marked 80 bucks but because it was a Saturday, it was half price! I love Saturdays at the thrift store! And hey, one more year and I can take advantage of a senior day on Tuesdays, also!! Hot dog!

Let me tell you, after having hauled it home, we soon discovered that this thing stunk to high heaven! I’m not sure what was going on with it. Plus, someone had taped off all of the top edges of the drawers with masking tape and painted the inside of every drawer black. Did a darn good job, too.  Except they left all that nasty tape. So in addition to wiping this thing down with vinegar for the smell, I had to take my blow dryer to the masking tape just to get it off. Then I had to use Mineral Spirits to remove the sticky gunk. I’m really having doubts at this point!

But then the real fun began!

The first thing I did was remove the scroll old base and replaced it with a solid piece of cheap base trim. Nothing fancy. I knew with the number of cats I had, I would have dust kitties rolling under that thing like a tumbleweed across west Texas! Not to mention cat toys and grandkid toys!

Simple to do and what a difference. Yep, totally ruining the “integrity” of this period piece.
Please, give me a break.

I lightly sanded the base. I knew I wanted the top (horizontal surfaces) stained and the base (all vertical surfaces) a grey-blue. Because I was staining the two tops, I sanded those down to bare wood.

We removed those cute little wing walls because I hated them. Husband thought they were fine. Typical…

Of course, removing them wasn’t easy because this thing was built like a tank! They used crappy wood back in the ’70s but boy did they build them right. Every screw was hidden by one of those little plugs that we had to dig out first then remove the screw IF we even had access to it. After too much time spent trying to neatly remove those wing walls, I just told Husband to knock ’em off! Of course, after that, vast quantities of wood filler was necessary. Oops!

I have yet to find a wood filler I like so any suggestions or tips out there would be greatly appreciated!!

I went with a Dark Walnut stain for the tops (doesn’t EVERYONE in Bloggie land use that color these days?) and Winter Flannel by Valspar.  It was the perfect blue.  Not too baby blue and not too grey.

BTW, after staining the top, I stood back and said “gee, it looks exactly like it did before I sanded the original finish off”! Oh well…

And here it is all finished!!! Ain’t she a beaut???

How great is my staging???!!!!

Each of these little drawers had white ceramic knobs. I spray painted them and also some brushed nickel cup pulls and larger knobs for the drawers and doors. I used my favorite Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.  And of course, I added my own brand of distressing. Husband made the comment “hey we can put the remotes in these little drawers!” How many others of you out there laughed like I did when you heard that!?

I gotta tell ya, I’m not crazy about the doors. Too cottage for me. But I just didn’t have the time or desire to go hunt down new ones or build new ones.  Maybe this summer. For now, we’ll just pretend that Hansel and Gretel live here.

They’re like Hobbit doors!

I can’t tell you how happy I am at how this turned out. It looks awesome in the room and it’s the perfect size for that giant TV! Total, I spent about $64 on everything – the dresser, the paint, the spray paint, the trim. I already had the stain and sealer. Can’t beat that with a stick.
Can you guys tell me what a redneck I am?

Anyway, my FAVORITE part of it????
The safety straps to keep that TV from falling on any of my babies – furry or otherwise!

We removed the original flimsy backing that the dresser had – it may have even been cardboard – seriously! We replaced it with a plain pine board attached very securely just to the top half. We cut grommets in it for our wires and then secured the TV. I was adamant on this after reading about how many children get killed from these falling TVs! The straps were $16 on Amazon.

Not gorgeous – but no one can see it.

Honestly, I think I may have exhausted all of my creative juices on this thing.

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