Refurbished 3 drawer dresser

I have been MIA lately  Plus this is my busiest time with my kiddo’s school. It’s all good fun, but it keeps me from telling you all about my every move.
You might be jumping for joy about that…try to contain yourself please, you’re being rude.
Anyhoooo, I just had to hop on here and share with you a completed project in the master bedroom.
Remember the little 3-drawer chest?

Amy Howard at Home (One Step)-McCall ManorIsn’t she lovely? Isn’t she wonderful?
And guess what! I didn’t prime or sand before I painted. I know, I know, you all have heard of the glories of chalk paint by now. But there’s one more little tidbit about Amy Howard at Home One-Step Paint that will make you sit up and take notice.
I didn’t have to seal it.
Right?!?! ? Are you doing the happy dance? No waxing. No lacquer. No nothing. Just paint and go.
Amy Howard at Home (One Step)-McCall Manor
How sweet is that? And it’s all-natural, so there are no odors. Which is a good thing when it’s raining cats and dogs outside forcing one to paint inside.
I decided to give this piece the ombre look since it is so hot right now. Then if I ever get tired of it’s adorableness, I can just slap on a new coat of paint. Easy Peasy!
Amy Howard at Home (One Step)-McCall ManorAmy Howard at Home (One Step)-McCall Manor TaDa! I just love the way she turned out. She seemed a little tired and old before, but now she’s alive and kickin’.
Some days I wish I could slap on a coat of paint myself…
Amy Howard at Home (One Step)-McCall Manor
Right now I haven’t done any distressing to this little piece. There may come a time when I can’t handle her perfection and want to rough up the paint a little, but for now I like her just the way she is.
These little knobs just seemed to have the right amount of distressed-ness (Merriam-Webster would be so proud) to give it the farmhouse look that I am after.Amy Howard at Home (One Step)-McCall Manor
Amy Howard at Home (One Step)-McCall Manor

Amy Howard at Home (One Step)-McCall Manor *Update: The body and top drawer are Ballet White. The bottom drawers are varying amounts of Ballet white and Bergere Blue. The top is painted Chelsea Square, but it wasn’t as much of a contrast as I had hoped. I will probably try another grey from this line, like Good Man is Hard to Find…maily because of the name. ha

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