Revamped dresser with diamond details

It seems like a very long time ago that I first told you about the dresser I was painting for the entranceway in our house. Until recently there was a glass table sitting there which became a repository for keys, sunglasses, library books to be returned, and a myriad of other homeless items.

I’ve encountered a few problems along the way including the hunt for 4″ handles which the drawers required. I eventually found some that I loved but the store only had 7 in stock and I needed 9. It took a couple of weeks but I have finally received the back-ordered ones.

During a party in our house recently I set down a bouquet of flowers wrapped in cellophane intended to go home with the birthday girl. By the end of the evening, the water had seeped out of the cellophane and left a huge water stain on the top. Back to the paint cupboard for another coat and more polyacrylic. But at long last, the dresser is complete.

The dresser is a solid wood, 9 drawer dresser that I purchased at a thrift store in great condition so it didn’t require any filling or repairing. After a quicksand and a coat of primer, I painted it with 2 coats of Benjamin Moore’s Silver Gray. It was finished off with a coat of Polycrylic to keep it scratch-free. There’s a beautiful diamond detail on the 3 middle drawers that was lost when it was wood. After painting, I used a colored wax and rubbed it into the edges to highlight the detailing.

Here’s what it cost:

Dresser – $40.00
New Hardware – $73.00
Paint – $30.00
Polycrylic, wax, and brushes were leftover from previous projects
TOTAL – $143.00

Dresser transformation, get’s new paint, new handles, and diamond details on the drawers.

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