Old dresser revamped

In our living room, we have a huge blank wall, and nowhere to put our old tv. So far it’s been sitting on top of our coffee table, pushed up against the wall. So, my mother in law traded me this dresser for one that we had and weren’t using.

I know how it looks. What were people thinking in the eighties?

But, it had decent lines, plus it was a bit shallow and wide, which is exactly what I was looking for to fill up some of that big wall space. I decided to paint it white, to keep it neutral (plus my mother in law always pictured it white).

On one of our many trips to Home Depot, I checked their oops paint section and found a gallon of white paint that had been color-matched to Ralph Lauren’s Chalk, which is a nice creamy white. At $9 for a gallon, it was good enough for me.

The other weekend, while the kids were gone, I got to work. I lightly sanded the surface of the dresser, threw on a coat of Kilz primer (I used water-based), and then painted it. I did put on a couple of coats of polyurethane because the tv will be sitting on it and I wanted to protect the paint, but I have noticed a bit of discoloring in the creases from it. For this project, I’ll just go over the creases with more paint and it will be fine, but normally I do not recommend poly over white paint. No matter that their label says non-yellowing. It’s not true.

I love cup pulls, I plan to use them in my kitchen one day if we build. I had a few that were purchased for another project that didn’t end up happening so I used them here. The bottom two drawers originally had one old pull in the middle of the drawer, so I filled those holes in with wood filler and Matt drilled new holes for the cup pulls. I like it so much better. I think they balance out the drawers nicely.

Aren’t the glass knobs pretty? I used the original holes on the drawer, but again had new holes made on the doors.

Right now the DVD player and Ella’s LeapFrog game are on top, but the plan is to keep all the electronics on the left side, behind the doors. Matt is going to drill a hole through the back, so there is no mess of cords anywhere. The drawers will be filled with art supplies and puzzles for the kids.

I haven’t decorated the top of the dresser yet, but you get the idea. It really brightens up the living room, and it’s super functional. Perfect for our young family.

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