Old bookcase makeover with modern look

This has been one of the more difficult undertakings in my furniture rejuvenation adventures but at long last the bookcase is complete. My struggle with the crown molding was a lesson in patience and there was a moment when I threatened that this bookcase would not be treated to crown molding after all.

I am so glad that I persevered because I love the look but as I initially planned, it will be home to tiny white lights that will help cast a warm hue in this dark area of the room.

Here’s the before. I think in a sad turn of events my usually lackluster photography skills have somehow managed to make this guy look better before than he ever really did look.

The handmade stencil turned out just as I had hoped.

In unrelated news, I went thrift store shopping today and both came away with something great. It was a good day for furniture. Here’s Barb with the dresser that she didn’t end up buying (oooh, it was close).

Here’s the dresser that I kinda wish I had taken. I may go back tomorrow but we all know how much luck you have doing that:( It even had a mirror that gets attached to the top.

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