Milk Crate Shoe Organizer

I’m on a milk crate roll!  First the the milk crate dog bed… and now, a milk crate shoe organizer! Confession – I may… or may not… be hoarding a stack of milk crates in my shed. Ok, maybe that was a non-committal confession, but the first (half) step is admitting you (may or may not) have a problem, right!?!

Today’s post will be short and sweet… less babble, more pictures. Sound good? Yeah, I thought so. I had this idea over the weekend and in a matter of minutes, realized it was PERFECT for what I needed!

And for those of you with elephant memory, you might have noticed that my antique armoire has been replaced with a pie safe. My Mom brought it up this weekend for me to use. She’s owned it since the early 90′s… and as it was born in the 90′s – it of COURSE started out with heart cut-outs! My Mom gave it a facelift a couple years back and swapped the hearts for squares. (…and she’s given me permission to give it an updo! So stay tuned for that!)

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