Milk Crate Dog Bed

I was lucky enough to stumble across some antique milk crates last year and have been storing them in my shed ever since. I have a few throughout my house as decoration and even have two stacked in my bedroom as a TV stand. And yes, I still have an entire stack in the shed. Don’t judge me! Long story short, I broke out some power tools and turned an antique milk crate into the cutest little dog bed you ever did see! (It’s no secret that I love dogs… as in fall to my knees babbling baby-talk when Fido sports some puppy-dog eyes and flashes some droopy jowls my way. Yeah… That kind of love.)

Here’s a quick photo collage to give you an idea of how it all went down:

Trust me, the saw will work a LOT better when you use a blade specifically made for cutting through metal. I learned the hard way, even managing to snap my wood-blade. Whoops!

With a little more magic, I whipped up this cutie-pa-tootie:

The bed is cushioned with a removable pillow. Plus, the pillow cover zippers on and off, making it a cinch to toss it in the washing machine!

I just love the stamped letters on this crate.

I’d love to hear what you think!

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