DIY Farmhouse Bedside Table

I finally started focusing some attention on our master bedroom and the first problem to tackle was our lack of beside tables. It’s not that we didn’t have anything beside the bed, but we have been working with some odd, mis-matched pieces that just sort of ended up there for lack of a better spot.

I wanted something that wouldn’t look too small next to the large bed and would also give us plenty of table top space. As I usually do when thinking about furniture my first stop is to visit Ana White’s site, because she has such a variety of DIY plans and DIY is often times more budget friendly.

After a little browsing through all the different table options (including coffee tables, side tables, etc) I found this one. It’s her version of a Farmhouse Bedside table and it was the perfect size and style.

My finished bedside table:

I was able to assembly it over the course of one weekend. The actual assembly wasn’t too difficult, but there was quite a bit of time lost to drying glue. Luckily, it was one of those projects that allowed me to move forward on other parts of  cutting and assembly while drying pieces were on hold. Of course, the hardest part of the whole thing was working in near freezing temperatures in the garage/workshop. We have a space heater, but when temperatures are dropping down into single digits it just isn’t enough. Oh, and this is the first project I was able to use my new Kreg Jig Jr (christmas present from my mom-in-law) and I loved it. It made such a huge difference when assembling the pieces and definitely helps give the final piece a more “finished” look.

Once it was all put together I did A LOT of sanding to get everything super smooth. Actually, I did quite of bit of sanding prior to assembly too. I was using common boards, which always require more prep work than your more expensive select boards. The difference in price makes it worth the extra labor to me. I did bring it inside to finish it up with stain. I ended up creating a custom color by mixing some ebony and dark walnut stain together.

After applying two coats of stain and allowing that to dry for a few days, I added two coats of semi-gloss polyurethane over the next couple days. I would really like to find some baskets for the bottom shelf to cover some of the knotty pine and give it a more modern less country feel, but haven’t had a chance to shop around for anything just yet.

I’ve already purchased the wood for table #2 and hope that it goes together as smoothly as this one did.

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