3$ cupboard restoration

A few months ago, I saw this little green cupboard but decided not to grab it because I bought this Spinning Wheel instead.
One that I have been searching for very, VERY long time years in fact but could never afford the prices but patience does have its rewards.
My goal is to actually use this to spin wool.

However, my hubby went back and picked up the cupboard for me as a surprise….(then he puts his surprises somewhere in our home, in this case, the laundry room, where I will find it which makes it a fun game too. What a Sweetheart he is!!!)

He got it for 3$. It was rickety and dirty from neglect after sitting in an old farm attic for years.

But with a little cleaning with some Murphy’s Oil Soap as well as some re-nailing and gluing to reinforce it making it ready for the  Milk Paint to be applied.

I then applied a coat of Black Milk Paint and wiped some of it off in areas so that some of the old paint was visible in some areas.

Then I applied some Antique Crackle Finish in a few areas.

Next, I applied a coat of Lexington Green Milk Paint giving it a dark/light effect
Then I applied some homemade Black Bees Wax…(recipe below)
It settles into the cracks created by the crackle paint and enhances the aged look even more

I try to leave runs here and there too just to add some character to it.

The little cupboard is done and ready for my upstairs bath to hold towels and washcloths..

This is the recipe I use to make my beeswax.

Bees Wax Recipe:
2 pints Turpentine
1 Pint Linseed Oil
5 -6 ozs Beeswax, Black or Clear

Melt the wax in an old double boiler and remove from the heat. Add the linseed oil and stir well.
Add the turpentine and stir well. pour into jars and seal.

I get my Beeswax Blocks on eBay.

This would also make a great homemade gift for the craft people in your life.

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